Outplacement Services

For conscientious employers that want to offer assistance to extraneous employees but don’t have the budget for outplacement services, Nucleus Global Solutions will provide this Service which offers these employees assistance in developing a package of essential competencies that will help them move on successfully. We can partner with your organisation during such challenging times and ease the burden on you and easing the transition for your affected employees.

Services We Provide

  • In-Placement Coaching
  • Resume Writing & Development
  • Interview Preparation
  • Job Lead Empowerment
  • Salary Guidance/Offer Negotiations
  • Placement Assistance

Benefits To Your Company Of Using Express Outplacement

Affected employees work with a professional that can motivate and help them find a new position. The benefits to the company are savings on unemployment benefits, costly lawsuits, and the resulting goodwill between you and those employees.

We can help you create a customised outplacement strategy that is right for your organisation